Perfect Fit Fat Boy Thin

perfect-fit-fat-boyPerfect Fit Sleeve ($59)

Truly one of the most advanced penis sleeves ever designed, the Perfect Fit penis extender ensures maximum pleasure for both partners during use. Your lover will be blown away by the size and feel of your new and improved manhood, while the sensations of hundreds of soft stimulating nubs caress your penis with each stroke and send you into ecstacy.

Sublimely stretchy, this penis sleeve includes a scrotum sack to ensure that the product is keep securely in place while in use.

Cyberskin Transformer Penis

cyberskin-transformerCyberskin Transformer Penis ($16)

In a couple of decades, men will be having stem cell injections to make their penis bigger.  Until then, the easiest way to transform your cock is by wearing a Cyberskin penis sleeve over it.

Almost indistinguishable from real skin, the Cyberskin feels like an extra layer of skin around your penis, for both yourself and your partner.  This amazing sleeve will add 2″ to your penis length, and 1/2″ to its girth.

Fulfill Penis Extension

fulfil-extensionFulfill Penis Extension ($23)

This has to be one of the most beautiful penis extensions out there.  A fully transparent realisticly textured penis sleeve extender that will add a massive 3 inches in length, together with added girth all the way along its long ‘veined’ shaft.  The Fulfill Penis Extension even feels real, and sublimely comfortable both for you and your partner.  Even comes with an insertable bullet vibrator!